Should I still see you in person despite COVID-19?

It may look a little intimidating but we are still the same friendly team as before. All of our Physiotherapists now wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). That’s to keep you and everyone safe. We have a new waiting area and hand sanitisation stations throughout the facility. We also have disposable face masks for patients to wear if required.

Our appointments are a little more spread out to allow for cleaning and if you are paying for the consultation you can pay with our contactless terminal.

If you are not sure if a face to face appointment is right for you, why not try an online appointment first? 80% of our clinical diagnosis is done through our initial conversation so we may be able to help without seeing you in person. If things do not progress as expected, we can always get you in the clinic for a physical assessment.

You can see here how we are keeping everyone safe.

How long is my appointment?

Initial Physiotherapy appointments will take up to 45 minutes as your Physiotherapist will need time to do a thorough assessment, follow up appointments will be 30 minutes long.

For specialist services like Muscle Balance Assessments your appointment can take up to 60 minutes.

Work Station Assessments take an hour 1:1 onsite with the Physiotherapist and an additional 30 minutes of administrative time for the Physiotherapist to send you a comprehensive report as well as prescribe exercises which you will be emailed.

What should I wear to Physio?

You can just come in whatever you are wearing and we advise you to bring shorts or leggings if we are assessing your legs or knees. If we need to see your shoulder or back then a shirt or vest would be advisable. 

How many appointments will I need?

You can discuss this with your Physiotherapist following their initial assessment, they should be able to give you guidance on this once they have assessed the severity of the injury. Your Physio will constantly re-evaluate your progress and give you feedback as to whether they think the appointments required to rehabilitate your injury has changed.

Are you covered by my Private Medical Insurance?

Oxford Circus Physiotherapy is currently covered by all major Private Medical Insurance companies*:

Allianz, Aviva, AXA, Bupa, Cigna, PruHealth, Simply Health, Standard Life, WPA.

We recommend you contact your insurance company prior to treatment to ask for your authorisation number and how many treatments you are entitled to.

*If your insurance company is NOT listed above, don’t worry, this is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us and we will confirm over the phone.

Any patients with a Nuffield health referral will need a GP referral and authorisation number from their insurance company. Self triage via the Nuffield network is not currently accepted at this time.

If you require a GP referral for your insurance company to authorise teatment and you struggle to get to your regular GP, we recommend you use an online GP referral process. Babylon Health is one example of a cost effective online solution. visit their site here for more information.

Do I need a GP referral for Physiotherapy treatment?

No. You can self refer to Physiotherapy and start treatment whenever you wish. However check your insurance policy if you wish to claim your treatment costs back through your medical insurer, they may require you to have authorisation from your GP before they cover the treatment costs.

Will my insurance company pay for an online consultation?

Yes! Most major medical insurance providers cover the cost of having a remote online consultation. We bill them directly so you don’t have to worry. 

What do we treat?

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Upper limb Pain / Repetitive Strain Injuries / Pins and Needles
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash
  • Tennis elbow
  • Pregnancy Related pain
  • Postural Problems
  • Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle tension
  • Tendinopathies
  • Pre-habilitation before surgery
Post- Operative patients
  • Spinal rehabilitation following – Laminectomy / Micro-discectomy / Spinal fusion / Foraminotomy / Disc removal
  • Shoulder rehabilitation following – Sub-acromial decompression / Rotator cuff repair / SLAP repair / Bankart repair / ACJ stabilisation
  • Knee rehabilitation following – ACL reconstruction / meniscal tear / micro-fracture
  • Wrist and Hand rehabilitation following -TFCC repair / Scaphoid repair / Carpal repair
  • Hip rehabilitation following – labral tear / arthroscopy / micro-fracture
  • Foot rehabilitation following – Tarsal fixation / bunionectomie / Mortons neuroma
  • Achilles repair
  • Post fracture
  • Post injection therapy – corticosteroid /caudal epidural / facet joint injection / PRP injection
  • Gilmores Groin
  • Joint replacement post-op rehabilitation

Please note that there are many injuries that we do treat that are not listed above, if you have any concerns please contact us we are happy to answer any of your questions.

How do we treat?

The first thing we do is listen to you, as you are the expert when it comes to your injury.

We then gather as much information as we can from you and this will then dictate the tests we do to assess your injury. Our Physiotherapists are manual therapists so they use their hands to treat the injury by mobilising joints, massaging soft tissues, and stretching and strengthening muscles. Every ‘body’ is unique and so every treatment needs to be different to cater to each individuals needs. Our Physiotherapists will work with you to find out what works best to alleviate your pain and prescribe the best exercises to rehabilitate you from your injury as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us we are happy to help you.

What information do you need for an appointment?

Before your appointment we will need to take a few details so we can keep your GP or Specialist informed if required.

We will also need you to consent to the examination and let us know if there are any medical conditions that we need to be aware of.

Our registration form can be downloaded below. Please fill it in and bring it along with you to your appointment.

Download registration form
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