Hyaluronic Acid injections are becoming increasingly popular for individuals with joint pain.  The benefits of Hyaluronic Acid is that it has less harmful effects than cortisone to joint surfaces and tendons, and symptom relief can last a lot longer. 

This is important for individuals experiencing pain in a joint that is not responding to conservative treatment.  A Hyaluronic acid injection is a quick and simple procedure, that can also be repeated without long term detrimental effects to a joint like cortisone can have. 

So what is it?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a Gel like substance that is naturally present throughout the human body. Its role is to retain water and keep tissues moist and well lubricated. The skin is made up of up to 55% of Hyaluronic Acid. It is also a natural part of the fluid that lubricates your joints. 

Here are 3 key reasons why you should consider an HA injection for your painful joint. 

  • Lubrication. Hyaluronic acid binds well to water, producing a viscous, jelly-like consistency. This viscous fluid provides lubrication and also acts as a shock absorber within the joint.
  • Transport medium for nutrients into the joint
  • Reducing inflammation. Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in reducing joint inflammation and pain caused by injury or tissue degeneration.

One of the more popular Hyaluronic acid injections is Ostenill Plus.

This requires only 1 injection which can give patients relief for up to 9-12 months. There are other products on the market like Durolane which is also a popular Hyaluronic acid injection. The most appropriate HA for you can be discussed with your Physiotherapist. If you would like more information about how HA may help you, please get in touch.