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What is a Muscle Balance Assessment?

A Muscle Balance Assessment is performed by one of our expert Physiotherapists who will perform a series of tests/measurements and observations of your entire body. These test will provide us with information on how the joints move, and the strength and flexibility of muscles. The Physiotherapist is then able to assess an individuals imbalances and weaknesses that can lead to injury.

When a joint is misaligned sometimes the muscles that work around that joint stop working or even work too hard, this can impair performance and can cause injury or pain. Which in turn can affect performance and subsequently lead to further imbalances around the body.

What is a muscle balance assessment useful for?

In the elite athletic world Muscle Balance Assessments are part of an athletes normal management. However they can prove to be invaluable if an individual is training for a sporting event like a marathon. If you are an inexperienced athlete it can form the foundation of your training as a Physiotherapist can prescribe an exercise regime to ensure you are training correctly. Muscle Balance Assessments can also be used for work related disorders whether your occupation is labour intensive or sedentary.

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