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Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury through movement, exercise and manual therapy. Physiotherapists aim to restore function by using a comprehensive knowledge of the body’s anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and pathological processes. With this combination of knowledge and clinical reasoning a Physiotherapist can evaluate pain and dysfunction to determine how best to resolve it.

What is Physiotherapy?

We often get asked “what’s the difference between Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths?” In reality if we are all following good evidenced based medicine, we should treat people quite similar. Physiotherapists have backgrounds is orthopaedic medicine so they initially used to help people recover from major trauma through massage and exercise. The profession has now evolved and may include spinal manipulation (similar to Chiropractors and Osteopaths), Acupuncture, diagnostic Ultrasound, Shockwave therapy, prescription of medicine or ultrasound-guided injections. If you have pain or a movement imbalance that can cause discomfort, our job as a Physiotherapist is to restore you back to normal function and stop the discomfort coming back.

What type of treatment is right for you?

At your initial assessment, the Physiotherapist will assess you with a range of tests which may include measuring equipment or diagnostic Ultrasound and then they will work out how you got injured in the first place. Once they know the “why” they can work out the “how” to treat you most effectively. The Physiotherapist will prescribe a course of exercises for you to help yourself get better faster and they will discuss your treatment options with you which could include a range of our services or only a home based exercise plan. Every “body” is different so requires a bespoke treatment plan.

What Physiotherapist should I book with?

Our Physiotherapists are highly qualified with extensive expertise in returning people to their normal function faster. Our clinicians all have over 10 years of experience and all hold post graduate qualifications in their specialist fields. In essence you can see any member of the team and you will get expert care. If you want to read more about each team member, you can do so here.

Our clinic facilities also offer a full rehabilitative gym so we can progress you all the way back to full health. We take pride in providing a warm, caring, and fun environment to rehabilitate within.

Will my insurance company pay for treatment with a Physiotherapist?

Yes in most cases. All of our Physiotherapists are registered with all major health insurance providers. There are some exceptions however where the insurance providers will not cover our fees in full. You are still welcome to book an appointment with us and pay at the time of treatment. You can then try to claim the costs back through your health insurance provider.

All of the OC Physiotherapists hold registration to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professionals Council, which is the governing professional body of Physiotherapy to ensure that high standards of practice are maintained.