Trevor Prior and his team from Premier Podiatry work in house with us and specialise in the biomechanical assessment of pain and discomfort of the lower limbs. Podiatry looks at joints, muscles, general posture and analysis of gait.

In sports medicine Podiatrists are better known for prescription of orthotics or inner sole foot support.  They also offer advice on appropriate foot care and footwear, exercise and running technique, which is essential in the treatment of many common sporting injuries.

The average person takes between 5,000 to 18,000 steps per day. This low-grade but repetitive motion can place stress on the foot, legs, pelvis and spine predisposing to pain and discomfort. If you have a low-arched (pronated) or high arched (supinated) foot then you may be more predisposed to problems. However, muscle inflexibility and weakness, footwear and activity levels can all affect function.

Detailed assessment of underlying structure and function can help to identify factors that may be causing or contributing to discomfort. The use of orthoses can help to control the way in which the foot and therefore legs function and thus reduce discomfort.

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