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Oxford Circus Physiotherapy has been working with PerformancePro for many years in the West End. We literally work side by side as our clinic opens into the gym and we work in a collaborative effort to support our patients / clients to meet their goals.

The goal of strength and conditioning is to enhance sporting performance and enhance an individual’s ability to cope with the physical rigors of daily life. This is achieved by building a stronger more robust physique.
So unlike a skills coach that may teach you how to kick a ball, a strength and conditioning trainer will give you the physical assets to better perform the kick. When you start with the PerformancePro team your baseline measurements will be assessed. Body fat, blood pressure, movement assessments, strength and flexibility will be recorded and assessed to identify potential weaknesses and where improvements can be made. This is also helpful to identify changes and achievements an individual has made in the future.


Do you want to enhance your sporting performance or enhance your ability to cope with the physical rigors of daily life?