Steroid Injections



Steroid injections are also known as corticosteroid injections and cortisone injections. The name comes from the powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient in the injection.

They are a synthetic version of the body’s own “glucocorticoids” that help regulate the inflammatory process. As they are a strong anti-inflammatory agent, if you inject this into a painful inflamed area it will usually help reduce pain and swelling giving great symptomatic relief.  Steroid injections are an excellent treatment for Inflamed joints, tendon sheaths and for individuals with chronic joint pain conditions eg Inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid.

If you need pain relief in a joint or other area and the waiting times are too long in the NHS then we can help you today! Paying privately for these services at a private hospital is very costly. We offer a same-day cost-effective solution for you that includes an ultrasound scan and musculoskeletal assessment. We have a range of injection options that can be viewed here:

Using ultrasound guidance allows us to see exactly where the problem is and direct the injection to exactly the right location. Research shows that this significantly improves outcomes with these procedures and also allows us to use the lowest most effective dose. If injecting “blind” ie without ultrasound guidance there is a chance repeat injections may be required which is undesirable. Using the ultrasound to guide the injection also allows us to ensure we do not damage any other structures dueing the procedure, avoiding excessive tissue damage and pain.

What happens when I get a steroid injection?


You could consider having an injection of Corticosteroid if:

  • You have severe joint pain eg Frozen shoulder or severe arthritis in a one of your joints 
  • You have a painful tendon sheath not responding to conservative treatments eg De Quervains. 
What conditions can a steroid injection treat?

We can provide ultrasound-guided steroid injections for a wide range of conditions affecting the shoulder, Knee, wrist, elbow, hand, hip, and foot/ankle. You can find more information about our steroid injections here.

We are able to offer  hyaluronic acid injections as well if we think that is better for you or we can combine the 2. You can read more about Hyaluronic acid injections here

Your treating clinician will discuss the best possible treatment and or injection once they have assessed and performed an ultrasound scan of the condition.

To book an assessment and or ultrasound-guided injection please click below or email or call 0207 636 5774. 

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