Inner range gluteal strength is the strength when your pelvis is in neutral and your hips are extended. The majority people spend much of the day in a hip flexed position- sitting, where the gluteals are working in their outer range, making it common for weakness to be seen in their inner range.

When running, we need to be strong in the inner range glutes so that we can support our bodies in an upright position, maintaining the pelvis in neutral. Without being able to support/maintain this position, optimal running form will be lost, and greater strain will be placed on structures such as the low back and hips. It can also alter the biomechanics lower down the chain, increasing the chance of injury around the knees and ankles.   Neutral Spine So you may think that your glutes are strong, but is this in your outer range e.g with squatting/leg press so your hips are flexed? How strong are you when it comes to stabilising yourself in the extended trunk position, with your hips in extension? The exercises below can be added into your routine to work on your inner range gluteal strength. Click on an image to watch the demonstration video.       Monster Walk-Ankles

Single leg dead lift- Opposite

SB sngl leg shoulder bridge